"Lasting, meaningful change only happens when we become aware of,  and then fundamentally shift

the beliefs that are holding 

us back from living our best life!"

Jon Eborn, Ph.D (Theology),  CMLC

Foundation Member, International Coaching Federation


Books, Courses & DIY Home Study Products by Jon

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Hi.  My name is Jon.


I've spent more than 30 years in the field of personal development and growth hacking.  I was focused on human potential and transformation long before it was trendy and cool.  I have spent decades looking for the best model, the best system, and the most effective method's to create long and lasting change, for the better. 


I created a system, through years of painstaking research and application in my own life and the lives of my clients, that creates the meaningful lasting change you want in your life.  Its patented, and can be delivered to you in our face to face coaching, or through one of my products like A Better Life Story.

I'm a Master Certified Life Coach with a Ph.D in Holistic Life Coaching from The Universtity of Metaphysics. I am also an active member of the International Coaching Federation, and a Foundation Member at ICF.  

I devote my days to improving the lives of others, and spend any free time with my wife, my children, or in the mountains where I live.  

Tell me how I can serve you in living your Best Life!


More About Jon & His Companies



Jon is the Founder & President of IntenionU.  Our mission is to positively impact the lives of 100M humans.  We do that through various free and paid personal development programs, expressive writing courses, online and in person holistic coaching and more. 

Our flagship product, and the backbone of our personal development programs is called A Better Life Story.  It is a (patent pending) product with a wholly unique process for making peace with your past, finding passion in your present, and living your ideal future.  



Gruviti is a company who specializes in helping individuals and entrepreneurs make more money, live more passionate lives and give back in ways that matter.

As our name suggests, once you are able to 'find your gruv', you can truly create the life of your dreams, including all the abundance you've been looking for, all the love and passion you desire, and be able to live a life of meaning and contribution. 

Finding and staying in your GRUV is of paramount importance.  You'll never feel like you're working again.  Your life will feel like playtime, or a game.  And you will be able to manifest anything you want, any time you want.  

Anything you've ever dreamed as possible... is, with Gruiviti!  


Digital Talent Team is a boutique executive search firm that has truly disrupted a somewhat stagnate industry.  The agency recruiting model is often it’s own worst enemy.


  Companies hire multiple agencies that work on a contingent basis to compete with each other in a “resume race” that rarely results in finding the best candidate.  It certainly doesn’t increase the workload of your internal staff.This becomes lose/lose very quick and takes value away from your most important resources.   


DTT doesn’t play the contingency game.   We’ll leave that to the resume mills, recruiting bull pens, and national agencies that view you and your needs on a report, rather than as an internal trusted source. 

“This was exactly what I needed man. I can't thank you enough. To say these weeks have been life changing would be a serious understatement. I'll be grateful for you forever!” 

David J, - Personal Coaching Client



"Do you know Tiger Woods has a coach? Of course he does.  So did Michael Jordan, and so does every athlete who has ever competed in the Olympics.  They all had someone who they could rely on to observe objectively, be honest and forthright in their feedback, and is smart enough to give them strategies to help them perform better, and reach their peak potential. 


That's all I do. I work with people smarter, fitter, faster and richer than me.  I coach people who want to succeed, or want to enjoy the success they have. I coach people to find their purpose, keep their relationships together, or just be happy.  It's an honor and a privilege."

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Jon is a highly effective speaker and trainer on areas of personal development.  He speaks to national audiences in areas that lead to transformative habits and fulfillment.  His keynote speeches include "Get To Give", "The Art & Science Of Abundance", and his most requested speech, "Failure = Freedom"

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Jon has spoken to hundreds of groups with tens of thousands of people who's companies are looking to increase engagement, sales efficiency and transparency, customer service and retention, and critical culture change initiatives.  He's an expert at getting individuals to 'buy into' the mission of their company and executives.