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"My job is actually pretty simple.  At least from the outside looking in.  It's my responsibility, when working with my clients to get them up to speed.  As quickly as I can (or usually, as quickly as my client can handle the transition.  

Once someone has momentum, my job is to be that force for good in their life to nudge them, here and there, into not losing the momentum they have, not returning to their old bad habits.

I'm a little strange, as coaches go. I want my clients to get independent as fast as possible. Get in, heal your life, learn new strategies, and go change the world."

“This was exactly what I needed man. I can't thank you enough. To say these weeks have been life changing would be a serious understatement. I'll be grateful for you forever!” 

David J, - Personal Coaching Client



"Do you know Tiger Woods has a coach? Of course he does.  So did Michael Jordan, and so does every athlete who has ever competed in the Olympics.  They all had someone who they could rely on to observe objectively, be honest and forthright in their feedback, and is smart enough to give them strategies to help them perform better, and stay better. 


That's all I do. I coach people smarter, fitter, faster and richer than me.  I coach people who want to succeed, or want to enjoy the success they have. I coach people to find their purpose, keep their relationships together, or just be happy.  It's an honor and a privilege."




Jon is a highly effective speaker and trainer on areas of personal development.  He speaks to national audiences in areas that lead to transformative habits and fulfillment.  His keynote speeches include "Get To Give", "The Art & Science Of Abundance", and his most requested speech, "Failure = Freedom"


Jon has spoken to hundreds of groups with tens of thousands of people who's companies are looking to increase engagement, sales efficiency and transparency, customer service and retention, and critical culture change initiatives.  He's an expert at getting individuals to 'buy into' the mission of their company and executives.


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