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Listings, sales, consultations, buyer represented, coaching represented

CMA's and BPO's, as well as real estate owned in businesses with parnters. Locations are approximate and represented as example only. 


On his birthday in 1987, Jon Eborn became the youngest Realtor in Utah.  At just 18 years of age he joined his parents firm and began what would be a decades long obsession with real estate.  Over the past 36+ years, Jon has been part of over 1000 transitions (including investment, partner, off market & coaching deals and flips), as an agent, broker, principal broker, agency owner, investor, coach or consultant.  In addition, Jon was a certified real estate instructor for the State of Utah, teaching the advanced GRI class to experienced agents, as well as new students at a local real estate school

Jon's passion has always been real estate. Since he was first licensed he's seen every kind of market and nearly every possible situation.  When you decide to buy or sell a home in Utah, count on the experience that Jon provides.  


100% UTAH

I'm a Utah native, born and raised in this area and with the exception of a couple of years in California when I was younger, it's the only place I've ever lived.  I know this place. I'm not just your agent, I'm your neighbor.  If you're moving here and want to know the in's and outs of everything this wonderful state has to offer, let's talk!



Some people 'get into' real estate.  I was born into it.  My parents owned one of the largest brokerages in town for years.  I grew up cleaning the office, digging holes for yard signs, hustling door hangers and helping out with marketing.  I literally started at the bottom.  I got my license the morning I turned 18 (that was in 1987). In one way or another, for the past 3+ decades... it's been all about real estate.  



It seems like a long time, and certainly a lot has changed. But not my 

commitment to be a force for good in my clients lives.  That's what drives me every minute of every day.



I've been part of over 1000 deals, as an agent, broker, principal broker, agency owner, investor, partner, coach or consultant.  The experience I've gained brings my clients peace of mind when they need it most.


Top 3% of all agents

Did you know that 60% of the people who start real estate school never finish.  And 1/2 of those that do, don't ever pass the test.  And of those that do, 90% of them are out of the business within 2 years. 


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