• Jon Eborn

"Is this a thought, or a feeling"?

One profound discovery in the life of anyone who learns to manifest abundance into his or her reality is that the language of the Universe is the language of FEELING.

In my work as an Abundance Mentor, I often find that my clients say the right things, think great thoughts, speak the language of increase, and follow a lot of the other common attraction techniques… yet still struggle to effortlessly bring what they most desire into their lives.

Most times, when we spend a few moments stripping down the layers to find what is at the root of the disturbance in their flow, it is evident in their base feelings. It is then that I get to teach what I think is a most surprising lesson.

Every technique, affirmation, process, concept, idea and action I train on, is simple a trick. It’s just a way to create a feeling. That feeling, once anchored become the norm. The very moment you begin feeling something, the Universe begins sending more of it to you. If you feel fear, you are rewarded with more reasons to feel fearful. If you feel love, you are shown more ways to feel love. When you feel you are right on the cusp of massive abundance. When you feel its approaching you at light speed and you are overflowing with anticipation and expectation. Then it arrives.

The challenge for my clients is when they have such deep and habitual ways of feeling undeserving, inadequate or unloved, then the universe pays attention to the feelings, no matter what the words are. They might scream their affirmations from the mountaintops, but if those affirmations don’t give birth to the feelings at the base of what they seek, it will be for naught.

The beautiful part of this process is that there is no way to ‘fake’ it. How you feel is your moment-by-moment truth. It’s your reality. And that is what the universe uses to answer your plea. It’s the only way of knowing what you really want.

This is great news! It’s great news for one reason. YOU are the only one in charge of your emotions. You choose how you feel in every moment. If you are afraid, it’s because you chose to be so. If you are blissful, it was a choice you made. Isn’t that just AWESOME!

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