Sometimes, the real estate market is slow due to some influencing factors, like any other market. At such times homes take longer than usual to sell. It might be an issue with your home’s location or the whole real estate market in general. 

If you have an agent, that shouldn’t worry you as much as when you are selling your home on your own. If you are selling on your own, you have to find out why your home is not selling. If you did a good market analysis and the property isn’t selling, you have to dig deeper and find what your home is not selling. 

Your home wasn’t ready to be listed in the market. Buyers just view the property, and you never hear from them again. Something must have triggered that. Suppose a buyer is keen and notices something needs repairing, and you haven’t mentioned it. In that case, they’ll probably assume there are more damages on the property. 

The seller might neglect such issues because they are minor, but they mean a lot in the buyers’ eyes. Faded paint on the walls and cabinets shows the home hasn’t been appropriately maintained in the past. Even the most delicate details, such as dust between the floor line and the ceiling boards, might trigger a buyer.

Bring out the home’s best impressions. Clean all the rooms and repaint the dull-looking walls. If you need help staging the home, ask an agent to help. Move excess furniture out of the home as it makes the house looks spacious. Open the windows to let in more lighting, which makes the home look better. 

The curb appeal also matters. The lawn and fence should be well kept throughout until the home is sold. If a buyer has a wrong impression because of the curb appeal, they’ll probably not want to view the rest of the property. 

If a home near yours sells and yours doesn’t, that is a sign that you are doing something wrong. Check the price it sold for, then compare it with what you are asking for in your home. After this, you should have an estimated price but also consider distinguishing features that your home has. 

If you are in a hurry to sell the home, you can drop the price lower to a previous reasonable bid that had been offered. This attracts the buyer who had made that bid and any other buyer close to the bid. 

Lastly, how you advertise your home matters. If buyers and agents don’t know your home is for sale, you won’t get offers. Advertise your home correctly using whichever method you use, such as the internet and media ads. 

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