Whether upgrading or as a first-time buyer, when buying a home, you need help deciding what you want. You need to get a feel of the house or houses you have in mind. This helps eliminate future regrets after you buy a home when you end up with a home you thought you wanted, but it did not turn out to be what you wanted. 

Open homes give a buyer a chance to visualize living in that home or something similar. Having a feel of both the inside the home and the home environment. If the seller has staged the property with their furniture or hired furniture and decor, the better. If you decide to furnish the house similar to the staged living areas or more than that, the better. This helps you have an idea of how to furnish the home if you buy it. 

When attending an open house, you can identify amenities such as schools and hospitals and explore surrounding neighborhoods within the home's proximity. Suppose there are other homes in the neighborhood having an open house showing. In that case, you can also explore various floor plans available beside the house you have in mind.

Some home buyers prefer purchasing "fixer-upper" homes. Such homes require financial input to repair, replace and upgrade the home to suit the buyer's preferences. Attending an open house with such homes helps a home buyer evaluate the home and have a budget estimate for the work on the home. Some buyers purchase such homes as an investment. They sell the home after completely repairing it. The condition of the home will determine the profit made from the investment made on the home. 

Agents and realtors welcome anyone to open home viewing regardless of whether they are buying or not. The primary purpose of an open house is to let potential homeowners visualize living in the home and taste the neighborhood. Even though you have no intention to purchase, you will have something in mind to consider when you decide to purchase. 

Let others know that there is an open house event. Even though you are not looking to purchase a home, someone you know might be, and an open house might influence their decision. Always indicate whether you are working with a realtor or not when signing into an open house. Also, indicate whether you have an agent and, if you do, remain loyal to your agent. This is basic open house etiquette. 

When in the house and someone is living in it, respect their privacy and follow the guide's instructions, if any. Feel free to open doors in allowed areas but not cabinets and drawers. If it is a self-tour, follow the instructions on the pamphlet given.