Jon Eborn Real Estate Team - Showing A House To A buyer


Ok, we’ve got your home up for sale.  (You chose the right team! J ) 

And our marketing is started, the sign is up, ad’s and flyers have been created, our social media is starting to buzz, we’ve reached out to agents who have buyers in your marketplace, pictures are done, video is being edited, and… that drone shot of your property is creating quite the stir.

Now what? 

Well, any day now, someone from my team is going to call you and tell you that a buyer wants to look at your house. In fact, in this market, you might get 15 of those calls the same day!  (It might not seem like it, but that’s a good problem to have). 

And pretty soon a buyer, and their agent are going to be in your home, walking around your things, and deciding if this home fits their needs. 

The primary purpose of showing your home is to sell it. Impressing home buyers is not an easy task. You have to do it so perfectly that the buyers are ready to make offers and start negotiations.

The exterior appearance of your home gives potential buyers the first impression, and this is what counts whether they'd want to see more of the home. The curb, driveway and lawn appearance give the first impression of the property. If these are not properly maintained, the buyer will imagine that other parts of the home are not properly maintained. Clean the windows, remove smudges on the paint and repaint any faded panels. Replace any broken window panes and gutters to give the property a fresh look.

Remove any personal stuff in the house, such as family photos and your favorite personal aspects of the home, such as art deco and personal clutter that you have accumulated throughout your stay in that home. This makes the home feel neutral to the buyers, and they can visualize themselves living in the home. Having photos and other personal stuff distracts the buyers and creates a negative impression of the home. 

Maximize the home's living space by removing unnecessary stuff such as children playing equipment and extra furniture. Basically, show the living space as you found it when you were buying the house. This helps the buyers visualize how they will arrange the living area to suit them. 

Some homeowners might not notice when the living area is cramped due to "house blindness". They have lived with a lot of stuff that they see as part of the house, but a buyer will always notice the cramped-up living space and visualize it as smaller than what they expected. 

Cleaning the house to remove any dirt and odor, especially if you have pets. Remove pet feeding and playing equipment and rid the living area of any odor, whether pet-related or not. Pet presence should be unnoticeable in and out of the house. The pets should not be present during a home showing as you don't know the buyer's perspective on pets and any allergies.

Lastly, have the house staged. You could use your furniture to stage a house or rent staging furniture if you had already moved out. If you are unable to stage a home, consult a stager to do it for you. Staging a home brings out the home's best features, thus appealing to prospective buyers. 

If you have questions about what we need to do as a team to make sure EVERY showing is a success, let’s talk.  Call me or a member of the Jon Eborn team, and we’ll pop over and put your mind at ease. 


It’s what we do!!