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The THREE REASONS your house failed to sell!

Jon Eborn, Realtor MCLC

Berkshire Hathaway - Utah Properties

35 Years Experience in Utah Real Estate


It's not 2021 anymore...

If you are selling a home in this market, you need to stand out. With the unprecedented rise of interest rates, more and more buyers are sitting on the sidelines and waiting to see if they will drop.  Most agents (especially those with less than 12 years in the business) are used to a market that didn't require anything special to sell a home.  A sign, the MLS and give it a minute... it would sell.   But not any more.  This reduced inventory and reduced buyer market requires that you have a plan.  And most of all, you can't afford to make silly mistakes.  I see it every day... sellers who are frusterated and they dont' even know why  


Here are 3 things that will make a huge difference if you're selling in this market. 

Reason #1:​  Your home wasn't actually marketed!


Ok yes, it was on the MLS, and there was a sign in the front yard.  And the MLS pushed it out to about a bazillion other sites through our syndication program... but that isn't marketing.  That's hoping.  ​If you want to sell a home in this market, you need to be looking for 'the' buyer, not 'a' buyer.  We want the buyer who HAS to have your home.  Who will pay top dollar for it. Who is ready, willing and able to buy it, today!  


​If your agent didn't create a unique and comprehensive marketing plan that included significant paid ad's on social media (specifically for your house), pixel retargeting campaign, active agent to agent marketing, move up and move down campaigns, and more... well, no wonder it didn't sell.  It's not enough to list it and hope... you MUST have a proactive marketing approach to make sure your home stands out. 


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Reason #2: You accidentally made 9,584 agents ignore you

Well, the truth is you didn't know you were doing this.  You thought someone was doing you a favor.  But you should have been told.  

Did your agent (friend, family member, old co-worker, dog sitters uncle) give you a 'deal' on your commission?  And when they did that, they split the difference with the buyers agent, right? Well, that's nice of them and all, but when they did that, they created a system where the professional agents in town have to jump through a bunch of hoops in order to just show your place.  That means, most often, they just showed the homes that didn't require any extra paperwork (or risk) before they got around to yours.  That means less eyeballs on your place, less showings, less offers and ultimately (even if it had sold) less money in your pocket. 


Click here to watch my more detailed video recorded just for home sellers like you!


Reason #3: Mistakes made on the MLS

Of everything that can happen to you at the hands of an agent who doesn't have the the experience you need to get your home sold, this one (stupid MLS mistakes) is one of my biggest pet peeves.  

After 35 years in this business, and having been part of over 1000 transactions as an agent, broker, investor, coach or consultant... I've learned a thing or two about what you HAVE to do, and what you absolutely must NOT do on the MLS.  When I get asked to give a seller a 2nd opinion (happens about 10 times a week these days) this is where I start every time.  


Click here to watch my more detailed video recorded just for home sellers like you!


BONUS Reason #4: You might have been priced too low!

I've made a career out of giving my clients more than they expect.  So here is a BONUS reason your home didn't sell. 


There are certain circumstances where I tell a seller whose property failed to sell with an agent before they called me to save the day, that we should actually raise the price.   The reason is a strategy that I developed in the 90's when as Realtors we moved away from the MLS Book, and online.  This was scary for most of the agents in the world, but I found an opportunity to stand out.  


I call it my "Price it on the line" strategy.  It's spread, and is now being taught in classes all over the world (I'm not saying I'm the only one to have ever thought of it..  just the first ;).  


It has to do with the way people search for houses on various websites like, and even  It's not a hard/fast rule, but it is an opportunity to literally double the amount of traffic your listing is receiving, and thereby doubling the showings and offers.  In certain circumstances, it's a no-brainer!  


Click here to watch my more detailed video recorded just for home sellers like you!

2nd Opinion
Free. No Drama. No Kidding!


For whatever reason, most of my career, I've specialized in selling homes that other agents can't, or don't.  If you feel like it would be of any value to you to get a 2nd opinion on these 4 issues, and about 12 more that I see day in and day out.. I'm happy to be of service. 

Even if your planning on re-listing with your current agent, or not listing it at all for now... at least after talking to me you'll have all the information to make the most informed decision.  

Why do I do this?  Because even if we don't work together right now, someday you might need me, or a family member, or a neighbor.  I want to be a pro you can count on to be honest, transparent and professional.  

I'm not a fit for every seller.  More than 70% of my business comes from referrals.  So meeting you, bringing value and making the connection is the most important thing for me.  

This is my personal mobile phone.  I'm the only one who answers it...

and don't be surprised if I answer it at 2AM   I work a LOT!

Call/text: 801.688.5466

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